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Release notes

This page outline changes for each release of the Android Game SDK.

1.1.0 (June 10th, 2020)

This version of the Android Game SDK features the Android Performance Tuner metric reporting and quality tuning library (also known as Tuning Fork). This library is available for native game engines as well as Unity and has the following features:

feature Integration with the Android Frame Pacing library to automatically record frame times and other rendering metrics.
feature Frame timing information is recorded in histograms and uploaded periodically.
feature Annotation of timing data with the current game state.
feature Device characteristics, annotations, and quality settings are uploaded with the timing data to allow cross-sectional analysis.
feature Special treatment of annotations that signify level-loading time. Frame tick data is not recorded during loading, but the duration of each loading period is.
feature Ability to record custom timing information (using startTrace and endTrace).

1.0.2 (March 30th, 2020)

This version includes bug fixes and changes in the behavior of auto-mode.

fixed Bug fixes for swappy destruction and re-initialization.
changed Pipelining is now on by default. If auto-pipelining is on, Swappy can still decide to switch it off when the workload is very low.
changed When auto-mode is enabled, Swappy will decide to switch the swap interval only after 15% of frames within a 2-second window are either faster or slower than expected. Note that Swappy will never swap slower than the user-specified swap interval.

1.0.1 (February 19th, 2020)

This version is primarily a bug fix release.

fixed Clean up resources at exit on the SwappyFallback code path in Vulkan.
fixed SwappyVk_destroySwapchain no longer destroys device resources if there is more than one swapchain.
fixed The Swappy version is now printed in logcat.
fixed Crashes and deadlocks in Swappy_destroy for API level 24 and lower.
feature Support for custom thread managers (Swappy_setThreadFunctions).
feature Support for hooking of Vulkan functions (SwappyVk_setFunctionProvider).

1.0.0 (December 5th, 2019)

This initial version of the Android Game SDK features the Android Frame Pacing library.

feature Display buffer synchronization.
feature Auto refresh rate mode and pipelining support.
feature Collection of frame rendering statistics.
feature Graceful selection of behavior at runtime, depending on the presence of the Android, OpenGL, and Vulkan features needed by Swappy.
feature Static and dynamic linking of the library.
feature Support for devices with multiple refresh rates.