Android Q privacy checklist

Android Q privacy features extend the transparency and control that users have over their data and the capabilities they give to apps. These features might mean that specific behaviors or data that your app is depending on may no longer be available. This checklist gives you an overview of the key features to test for, as well as other privacy changes to keep in mind.

The impacts on your app can be minimized if your app is following current best practices for handling user data. We recommend getting started as soon as possible with testing and updating your apps.

For complete details, see the documentation for each feature. Also see the release notes for changes at each beta build.

Key behavior change Apps affected Mitigation strategy How to enable
Scoped storage
New filtered view into external storage, giving access to app-specific files and media collections
Apps that access and share files in external storage Work in app-specific directory and media collection directories
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Target Android Q
More user control over location permissions
New foreground-only permission that gives users more control over app access to device location
Apps that request the user's location while in the background Ensure graceful degradation in the absence of background location updates
Use new permission to access location in the background
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Install app on device running Android Q
Background activity starts
New restrictions on launching activities from the background
Apps that launch activities without user interaction Use notification-triggered activities
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Install app on device running Android Q
Non-resettable hardware identifiers
New restrictions on accessing device serial and IMEI
Apps that access device serial or IMEI Use an identifier that the user can reset
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Install app on device running Android Q
Permission for wireless scanning
Access to some Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Aware, and Bluetooth scanning methods requires fine location permission
Apps using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth APIs Request ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission for related use cases
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Target Android Q

Other privacy changes

Android Q introduces many other privacy changes that you should keep in mind when testing and updating your app:

Data & identifiers Camera & connectivity Permissions

Android Q places the following
restrictions on accessing data
and system identifiers.

Contacts affinity

MAC addresses

/proc/net file system

Non-resettable device identifiers

Clipboard data

USB serial

Android Q places the following
restrictions on accessing camera
and networking information.

Camera details

Enable and disable Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi network configuration

Telephony, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi APIs

Android Q makes several changes
to the permissions model
that you should keep in mind.

Screen contents

Legacy app permissions

Physical activity recognition

Permission groups in UI