Where can I download Watch Face Studio?

Download Watch Face Studio on the Samsung downloads page.

If a watch face is made by Watch Face Studio, is it available on all watch devices using Wear OS?

Watch Face Studio is compatible with all Android watch devices running API level 28 and higher. If you create a watch face in Watch Face Studio, you can use it on all Android devices, regardless of manufacturer. However, because of limitations with deprecated APIs, your watch face may not be available on devices that are still using deprecated APIs.

Does Watch Face Studio support all types of watch face shapes, including circular and square?

Watch Face Studio’s default watch face is a circle, but the tool does support various watch face shapes. If there is a chin on your circular watch face, leave the lower 20% of your watch face empty so that essential components aren't hidden.

When designing for square watch faces, keep in mind that your design will be cropped from the default circular template. Don’t place components at the edge of the watch face because they may end up cropped out.

How can I design my watch face to save battery?

Use dark colors on your watch face to reduce battery consumption. Use smaller images that fit within the screen. Remove empty or hidden layers before the build process.

For more information, see Optimize watch faces.

How can I improve the performance of my watch face?

Designing with many components can negatively affect the performance and battery of your watch face. For example, a watch face with nine or more visible components is likely to deteriorate in performance. Design with fewer visible components for ambient and normal mode.

How does my watch face work in ambient mode?

The second hand is not supported in ambient mode. So design your watch face to hide the second hand in Ambient mode.

How should I design my complication?

Design complications with a clear touch area. Insert a background image or a transparent shape component into the complication group to indicate where to touch. Be sure to test all text components with different language settings on your device.

How can I allow my users to customize their watch face?

Properties added in the Style window can be changed by the user through the customize mode of the paired watch. The user's selection is preserved until the app is removed. Give your components descriptive names so your user knows which component on the watch face they are modifying.

How can I use the tag expressions [HR] and [HR_Z]?

To measure heart rate in Watch Face Studio, use the following steps:

  1. Use [HR] or [HR_Z] as the tag expression for a text component.
  2. Make a button component with a Tap action to measure heart rate. When the user taps the button to measure heart rate, the device measures and displays the current heart rate.
  3. Set the interval of the heart rate measurement by navigating to File > Project > Settings > Health.

How can I use the tag expressions [SC], [SC_GOAL] and [SC_PER]?

You can set a step goal on your watch face in the main menu. Navigate to File > Project > Setting > Health. This is where you can set [SC_GOAL]. [SC_PER] is automatically calculated based on [SC] and the goal you set.