Develop, optimize, and deliver your Android games with the Android Games and Google Play APIs.

Android Games Development Kit (AGDK)

Frame Pacing

Helps OpenGL and Vulkan games achieve smooth rendering and correct frame pacing on Android.

Game Activity

A Jetpack library designed to assist Android games in processing app cycle commands, input events, and text input in the application's C/C++ code.

Game Controller

The Game Controller library helps you implement robust support for game controllers and is distributed in two formats: As a Jetpack library for games using a Gradle-based build system (including Android Studio), and as discrete files for games using custom build systems.

Game Text Input

Displays and hides the soft keyboard, and manages text updates.

Memory Advice API (Beta)

Helps Android apps stay within safety limits for memory use by estimating memory use and notifying apps if thresholds are exceeded.

Oboe High-performance audio

Reduces audio latency, while avoiding device and platform audio issues.

Android Performance Tuner

Identifies performance issues related to quality settings, scenes, load times, and device models.

Android Performance Tuner Unity plugin

Integrates Android Performance Tuner with Unity.

Game development with Google Play

Google Play Services

Google Play services contains on-device Google services that run in the background on every Google-certified Android device.

Android NDK

The Android NDK is a toolset that lets you implement parts of your app in native code, using languages such as C and C++.


Low-level graphics API


Low-level graphics API