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Know which packages are visible automatically

The system automatically makes some apps visible to your app so that your app can interact with them without needing to declare the <queries> element. This behavior helps support basic functionality and common use cases.

Types of apps that are visible automatically

The following types of apps are always visible to your app, even when your app targets Android 11 (API level 30) or higher:

In addition, you can start another app's activity using either an implicit or explicit intent, regardless of whether that other app is visible to your app.

System packages that are visible automatically

Some system packages that implement core Android functionality are automatically visible to your app, even when your app targets Android 11 or higher. The specific set of packages depends on the device that runs your app.

To view the full list of packages for a specific device, run the following command in a terminal on your development machine:

adb shell dumpsys package queries

In the command output, find the forceQueryable section. This section includes the list of packages that the device has made visible to your app automatically.