Game engine support

Popular multi-platform game engines have supported Vulkan for some time. However, due to varying levels of device support, these game engines have implemented ways to allowlist good devices and denylist known bad devices.

You can start from these engines' default list and let the engine automatically use Vulkan on supported devices and fall back to OpenGL ES for non-supported devices.


To enable automatic device selection on Unity, follow the steps to configure Auto Graphics API.

Use the VkQuality Unity engine plugin to provide launch-time recommendations of the graphics API for your game to use on a specific device.

Unreal Engine

To enable automatic device selection on Unreal Engine, follow the steps to Support Vulkan. When you select both Support Vulkan and Support OpenGL ES 3.2, Unreal uses Vulkan by default. If the device doesn't support Vulkan, Unreal falls back to OpenGL ES 3.2.

If you are using specific Vulkan features that are known to behave badly on certain devices, you can customize your BaseDeviceProfile.ini file to exclude those devices. Check out Customizing Device Profiles and Scalability for Android to learn how to customize it. Remember to keep your BaseDeviceProfile.ini file updated. As new device drivers may fix previously known bad devices, you do not want to miss out on optimizations that you will get for free from the updated device drivers.