Enable Google Play Games Services features

This page describes how to enable Google Play Games Services features for your game in Google Play Console.

Before you begin

Define and manage achievements, leaderboards, and events

You can create, edit, and delete achievements, leaderboards, and events in Google Play Console. For more information, see the following guides:

Enable Saved Games

To enable the Saved Games service, complete these steps in Play Console:

  1. In the Play Console, open the game you want to turn on Saved Games for and navigate to the Play Games Services - Configuration page (Grow > Play Games Services > Setup and management > Configuration) and select Edit properties.
  2. Turn the Saved Games option to ON.
  3. Click Save.

After performing the steps above, it may take up to 24 hours for Google Play Games Services to activate the Saved Games service for your game. If you want to test the {Saved Games service immediately, manually clear the data in the Google Play Services app on your test device.

To clear the cached data on Android, open Settings > Apps > Google Play services, click on Manage Space, then click on Clear All Data.

For more information about the Saved Games service, see the Saved Games game guide.

Add translations

You can set your own translations for game details, including the display name, game description, and graphic assets. You can also specify your own translations for achievements and leaderboards that are associated with your game.

To add your own translations for game details:

  1. Select your game in Play Console.
  2. Navigate to the Play Games Services - Configuration page (Grow > Play Games Services > Setup and management > Configuration).
  3. Select Edit properties.
  4. Select Manage translations > Manage your own translations.
  5. Select the languages that you will provide translations for, then click Apply to confirm your selection. On the Properties page, the languages that you selected become available in the language selector.
  6. Select the language that you want to edit from the language selector, then edit the form with your translations for the display name, the description, and the graphic assets.
  7. Click Save changes to store your translated game details.

For more information on adding translations for achievements and leaderboards, see the achievements and leaderboards guides.

When displaying game detail, leaderboard, and achievement strings, Play Games Services uses the game-supported language that is closest to the user-requested language. For example, if the user's device language preference is set to French (Canada) (fr-CA), but the game supports only English (United States) (en-US) and French (France) (fr-FR), Play Games Services selects the fr-FR strings to display since this is the closest matching language.