Publish game changes

Once you are ready to share your latest game changes with players, it's time to publish them. Publishing your game changes makes the Play Games Services that you have configured available to public users of your game. This is different from publishing your game APK and will not display any information about your game on the Play Store. Instead, it means that all users with your game APK will be able to access Play Games Services features, such as sign-in, without needing to be added individually as a tester or be given access to a release track.

It can take up to 2 hours for Play Games Services changes made in Play Console to be ready for end users. Ensure that your Play Games Services game project is published at least 2 hours before your game goes live on the Play Store, or users may have trouble using Play Games Services features (including sign-in). Publishing your Play Games Services game project enables Play Games Services for your game. However, it does not make your game available or visible on the Play Store.

To publish your Play Games Services changes:

  1. Open the Publishing section for your game in the Play Console (Grow > Play Games Services > Setup and management > Publishing), then follow the instructions on that screen to publish your game.
  2. If there are missing or incorrectly configured items that are preventing you from publishing your game, the Publishing section will tell you what those items are so that you can fix them.

The data for listed testers for the game is not automatically deleted when you publish the game changes. To delete data for testers, use the Google Play games services Management APIs.