Validate, package, and publish the APK

Use the instructions on this page to upload a validated APK to Google Play.

Validate the proto files

Place the following files in your APK assets folder under assets/tuningfork:

  • dev_tuningfork.proto
  • tuningfork_settings.txt
  • Several dev_tuningfork_fidelityparams_i.txt files, in increasing fidelity order

The validation tool generates binary (.bin) serialized protocol buffers of the settings and default fidelity parameters files in the assets/tuningfork directory. The tool itself is located in the src/tuningfork/tools/validation directory.

The validation tool generates binary files

Run the following commands to validate the sample project. Substitute one of the following for your operating system (LOCAL_OS):

  • mac
  • win
  • linux-x86
cd gamesdk/src/tuningfork/tools/validation
java -jar build/libs/TuningforkApkValidationTool.jar \
  --tuningforkPath ../../../../samples/tuningfork/insightsdemo/app/src/main/assets/tuningfork \
  --protoCompiler ../../../../third_party/protobuf-3.0.0/install/LOCAL_OS/bin/protoc

Output ending in the following appears:


May 19, 2020 3:42:11 PM main
INFO: Tuning Fork settings are valid

For more information on running the validation tool, see the validation tool README.

Review the integration checklist

Before uploading your APK to the Google Play Console, do the following:

Upload and publish

To receive performance insights, upload your new APK to the Google Play Console and create a release. You can release on Google Play to test tracks or to your entire user base. For more information on creating a release, see the Console Help Center documentation.

Once you have published your APK, you can receive new performance insights from your users in the Google Play Console under Android Vitals > Performance > Insights. For more information, see the Performance insights documentation.