Google Play Games Services downloads

This page contains downloads for Google Play Games Services including some third-party downloads that support specific game engines.

Play Games Services SDK

Download the Google Play Games Services SDK version that supports development on your platform.

Platform SDK Description
Android Google Play Services SDK This includes the Google Play Games Services v2 for Android dependency that is needed to develop your game in Java.
C++ Google Play Games C++ SDK V2 This version is coming soon.

Game engine plugins and extensions

Several plugins and extensions offer support for Google Play Games Services. If you are developing your game with a third-party game engine, you can use one of these plugins or extensions to integrate Play Games Services features.

The Google Play Games for Unity extension is maintained by Google, while the remaining extensions are maintained by third parties.

Name Platform Language Features Supported
Google Play Games plugin for Unity Android C#
Google Play Games Services plugin for Cocos2d-x Android C++, Lua, JavaScript
Defold Android Lua
  • Saved Games
  • LibGDX Android Java
    Marmalade SDK Android C/C++

    Image resources

    These downloads contain sample images and resources to use with your game development project.

    Graphic Type Description Resource
    Google Play games services branding Download graphics and see the branding guidelines for Google Play games services.
    Sign-in button Download graphics and see the guidelines for building your own sign-in button.
    Games project images for Developer Console Download placeholder graphics to use in your project during game development and testing.